How the Chilipepper Hot Water Demand System Pump Works

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Details about how the Chilipepper hot water demand system pump operates to bring you hot water fast.

At the touch of a button, the Chilipepper pumps hot water from your water heater to your sink, or shower, while sending the cooled off hot water back to the water heater through the cold water piping.How the Chilipepper Hot Water Demand System Pump Works and Diagram of water heater and hot water demand system A great home improvement product.

State of the Art Electronics

The Chilipepper is a small powerful micro-processor controlled pump that installs under your sink. The brain of the Chilipepper is a tiny computer on a chip.


The computer monitors the temperatures, timing, sensitivity adjustment input, and the control wire inputs and directs the pump what to do and when.


When you push the start button, the Chilipepper pumps the water in a big loop from the water heater through the hot water piping to the Chilipepper, and on through the cold water piping back to the water heater inlet; a big loop. 


When the electronic control circuitry detects an increase in the water temperature inside the pump (adjustable from 3 degrees to 12degrees F), it shuts the pump off. 


When the circuitry detects a temperature over 96degrees .F it locks out the pump until the water in the pump cools back down to below 96degrees F.  If you try to start the pump while the water is over 96degrees F, then the pump will run for 1/4 second and shut off, to let you know the water is already hot.


To start the Chilipepper a momentary contact between the control terminals is required.  This can be provided by the push button included with each Chilipepper. Other third party devices can also be used as long as they are a momentary contact closure such as a relay.


The motor is a 300-watt brush-type 1/3 horsepower motor with a built-in automatic-reset temperature limit switch, ball bearings, and stainless steel armature shaft, custom manufactured for Chilipepper Sales.


The pump head is a centrifugal type pump, that in combination with the above motor will pump approximately 2-1/2 to 3 gallons per minute in a typical residential plumbing system.

When the Chilipepper is connected to a typical residential plumbing system it pumps water at a rate of  about 50 feet in 20 seconds with 1/2 inch copper pipe.  


The Chilipepper has the most advanced state of the art electronic circuitry in the industry with the following features:

  • Turns off automatically when the hot water reaches the pump.

  • Chilipepper won't start if the water temperature in the pipe is over 96 degrees.

  • If hot water doesn't arrive within 4 minutes, the pump shuts off. This is a safety feature that protects against the pump running forever if there is a water heater failure.

  • If a short occurs on the control wires because of a button or remote malfunction the pump will cycle on for 1/4 second every 15 seconds until the problem is resolved.

Get your hot water faster!

The Chilipepper has a very powerful motor for its size.  The Chilipepper pumps water at 2-1/2 to 3 gallons per minute in a typical residential setting.  Many fixtures are now low flow meaning they restrict flow to as little as 1/2 gallons per minute.  In many cases the Chilipepper can cut the time it takes to get hot water from 1/3 to 1/2.

Save Water!

Since no water gets run down the drain while you wait for hot water, you save significant amounts of water every time you use the Chilipepper. Studies have demonstrated that a typical 4 member household can save over 14,000 gallons of water per year.

Save energy!

If you leave your hot water fixture running and go do something else while you wait for it, and you come back to find it is hot, then any hot water you've run down the drain was wasting energy!  And the energy to heat the water is far more expensive than the water itself.

Improve the performance of your dishwasher!

The number one cause of poor dishwasher performance is water that is not hot enough on the first cycle.  By using the Chilipepper before you start your dishwasher you will get full temperature hot water to your dishwasher on the first cycle...and hot water is much better at dissolving detergent and cleaning dishes than cold water.

Reduced sewage output

The water that doesn't get run down the drain doesn't flow into the sewer or septic system either.  Often your sewer charges are based on your water by saving water your are saving money from your sewage charges...or reducing the load on your septic system.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By reducing the amount of water you consume, the amount of water that has to be treated and pumped to you is reduced.  Pumping and treating the water requires lots of energy...generating that energy pumps greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere.  So by reducing the amount of water (and sewage treatment) you use, you help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants as well.


You will feel good every time you use your Chilipepper appliance!

Remote control - More convenience with X10 remote control modules

Remote operation of the Chilipepper provides even greater convenience. By using X10 modules you can place a remote transmitter button next to your alarm clock.  When your alarm goes off, hit the start button and by the time you get to the bathroom the hot water will already be there! 


To learn how to control your Chilipepper with X-10 appliance modules visit our remote control page.